The monthly stitch …

… boss me around 🙂

Ok, you chose “Aubepine” and I submitted myself.

Again, I don’t know why I chose it, but I allways do: The empire-line.
It just looks so nice on all those modell-pictures.
But is it really for me?
I still don’t know.
Three things, that bother me:
1. it allways looks just a little bit pregnant (at least on me)
2. Pushing 50 hard, it might look a little bit too girly
3. I do have a posture problem, that does not seem to go with empire

At least this time I started with a wearable muslin.

aubepineProbe1I did like the top, so I decided to line the dress and make it a more wearable muslin.

Dark green underneath,
grey with whit dots on top.
The skirt lining might even amplify my concerns.
Maybe I do the real thing just with the bodice lined.

Sideview … very girly …
But, you bossed me around and so I did it.
So, what do you think:
Do I still make the real dress?

RobeAubepine (1 von 1)
Dark blue linnen for the bodice, with pintucks
green for the skirt, without lining,
birds for the 3/4 arms.

Oh yes, and you can move in it 🙂
What this picture ist really about … look to the right, isn’t she a beauty!!!

And with that, off to the Monthly Stitch, March Challenge, “Miss Bossy Patterns“.


3 thoughts on “The monthly stitch …

  1. It doesn’t really work on you. Sorry. 😦

    I think it’s the gathers that’s a problem. One suggestion, if you want to try it again, make the dress with a “high waistband” instead of the drawstring. By making a waistband effect (i.e. a strip of fabric around the rib area) you will retain the empire line look, but drop the fabric to lose the preggie effect. (Example The more structured look is slimming.

    Just an idea! 🙂

  2. First off- really pretty dress! I feel the exact same way about empire dresses, they remind me too much of my maternity wardrobe, so I only wear them around the house. Could you alter the pattern by lengthening the bodice and then shortening the skirt to make it hit at your natural waist? That’s what i’m doing with a pattern I’m working on right now for just this reason. Or I think Ndimi’s suggestion above seems like an easy fix 🙂

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