The Monthly Stitch …

… “Boss me around“!

OK, I’m participating in the march challenge:Too many patterns in my stash and I don’t know what to sew next.
So you decide 🙂

Pavlova - Cake Patterns


Pavlova – Cake Patterns.
It’s a full circle and it comes with a wrap top.
I’d probably sew both.
I ordered some blue fabric with white polkadots, and I think I’d be perfect.

RobeAubepine (1 von 1)

Robe Audepine – Deer and Doe
It’s been on my list forever.
Perfect dress for the beginning gardening season.
I’d probably do some colorblocking.
Green and blue linnen,
blue linnen and bird-sleeves
oder green linnen and bird-sleeves.
Let me know, what you like best 🙂

RobeBleuet (1 von 1)

Robe Bleuet – Deer and Doe
Hm … fitted … hm … buttons … hm collar …
Definitely a challenge.
Maybe a cotton-plaid?

Simplicity7051 (1 von 1)

Simplicit 7051.
Verry retro, very easy. Probably in a teal “vintage jersey”.
Almost too easy 🙂


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